Advanced Practice MHT
Comprehensive Training in 
Menopausal Hormone Therapy
Advanced Practice MHT
Comprehensive Training in 
Menopausal Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

So much controversy in one little bottle.

So much fear in one little cream.

As a clinician, we know you have therapies, patients, and conditions you’re very confident at.

But why is there something about Hormone Therapy that demands a little more?

It’s Hard to be a Confident Clinician:
  • In a therapy that comes with so much negative press and news headlines.
  • When the body of literature is vast, conflicting, and difficult to interpret.
  • With a therapy that has a complex risk/benefit analysis.
  • ​When OTHER clinicians just don’t get it and you don’t have mentorship.

And, despite reading the research, taking additional courses, gaining clinical experience, you still have some doubts when you reach for your prescription pad.



Did You:

 have a similar facial expression when you wrote, and eventually received, your prescribing license?
 feel uncertain about being handed a license to prescribe medications that you’d learned almost nothing about? 

So Maybe...

like me, you paid for weekend training and CE courses to only be fed conflicting information. Which really only left you questioning the approach and the safety of the protocols, and left you more confused than when you started.

And, if YOU'RE confused...

your patients are feeling even more confused. They hear from their friends, the news, and even other health professionals that “we don’t use HRT anymore, it’s too risky.”

Yet, you have woman after woman in your office, significantly struggling through menopause, and you know you can help.

Let me help you help them! 
Whether you’re just starting to learn about hormone therapy or you are a seasoned prescriber, these bottles sure demand the best of us.
Hormone therapy has the power to significantly help so many women in menopause, which means YOU have the responsibility to prescribe it safely and effectively.
I figured it out on my own.
Just me, a pile of highlighters and a giant stack of research.

About Me
Hi I’m Dr. Kara Dionisio, Naturopathic Doctor, and…

I’ve been there.

All those hours of research gave me the perspective to see that we had gotten the entire narrative of HRT completely skewed. But I still was left with a kernel of doubt.

Who was I to question the current medical status quo?

Every time I wrote a prescription, I wondered if I was doing more benefit or harm. Why did I see this therapy differently from most other health professionals?

But then, as I clocked more hours and empty highlighters, it started to come together. I did have it right.

Then, I got mad!

Because women were being denied the single most evidence- based therapy for their menopause symptoms. They were being told they had to suffer because their practitioner hadn’t updated their knowledge since 2002.

So I took action.
I became one of less than 10 Naturopathic Doctors in North America to become a North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP).

I am a regular expert contributor to over 30,000 women in the Menopause Chicks online community.

I clock thousands of patient visits every year, exclusively dedicated to Women’s Health and Menopause practice

I developed solid clinic systems from chart notes, to risk-benefit analysis methods, to prescription templates which help me save time, and see a high volume of patients

I became a leader in menopause practice.
But more importantly…
I became the practitioner my patients NEEDED.
Someone who finally listened to them. Someone who could have factual and informed conversations with them about menopause and hormone therapy.

And then from there…

My practice reached a waitlist of ONE HUNDRED patients this year.
But I didn’t - and couldn’t have done it alone.
We need YOU.
We need confident, evidence-based, HRT prescribers who have a deep comprehension about the therapy in menopause.
 I believe that Naturopathic Doctors are poised to be leaders in menopause practice.
Not only CAN that be you, it SHOULD be you.
What if you could skip…
All the wasted time & energy?
You can read a stack of research. You can take some courses. You can ask questions on an online forum. You can, like me, become self-taught in hormone therapy. OR, you can skip ahead, and learn WITH your colleagues, and we become leaders, together, supporting each other.
Worrying about the prescription you just wrote?
Was that the right dose? Did I miss a contraindication? What if they have a side effect?

What if, what if, what if?

I know you’ve been there, those cases and decisions you make that keep you up at night. What if you could minimize the what-if’s?!

Learning the hard way?!
You don’t know what you don’t know, and some of my mistakes I realized well after the fact.

You will make some mistakes (pssst ALL health professionals will make mistakes). But you can minimize the severity of those mistakes by learning HRT as deeply and comprehensively as possible.

Advanced Practice MHT:
Comprehensive training in Menopausal Hormone Therapy.
This is the course we SHOULD have had when we got our prescribing license.

This is the course that will make you feel like a Rockstar when it comes to hormone therapy in menopause.
Learn everything from the small nuances to the BIG PICTURE of Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT):
Confidently Discuss MHT 
It’s not good enough to just say, “Bioidentical hormones are safer”, or “The Women’s Health Initiative was a bad study”.

You need to understand the complex history of hormone therapy, what happened, what went wrong, and what we’ve learned since. 

You’ll be able to tackle conversations with your patients, health professionals, and on social media with accuracy and authority.
The Art AND Science of Prescribing MHT 
You’ll learn the clinical nuances of prescribing MHT.
You’ll understand the therapy, it’s risks, benefits, and contraindications.

You’ll know exactly how and when to prescribe.

You’ll leave with the critical thinking skills necessary to be a confident prescriber.

Patient Management
MHT requires a few more checks and balances, documentation, charting, letter writing, labs, and patient management than other therapies.

Not to worry though… Dr. Kara & Dr. Jordan both have high volume practices and will share with you what they learned the hard-way!

This will save you hours of time for you and your administrative team. There is an efficient way to serve this population and we will hand it all to you.
Protocol Sharing
You’ll leave with multiple high-value handouts to insert into your EMR right away!

For example, we have templated letters to specialists and handouts for your patients that you can add your own branding to. It will feel like someone gave you their entire system of supporting patients with HRT - which is exactly our goal.

This course will offer naturopathic doctors, and other regulated health professionals, in-depth evidence-based information on the topic, while also fostering and practicing critical appraisal skills needed to consider and prescribe MHT

  • Make sense of the history and controversy of MHT
  • Review the body of evidence for MHT from major landmark trials
  • Clearly outline the risks of MHT with respect to major outcomes
  • ​Clearly outline the benefits and indications of MHT
  • ​Critically appraise the risk/benefit of MHT for individual patients
  • ​Synthesize knowledge and apply problem solving skills to advanced cases
You 'll leave 
  • With a deep comprehension of all aspects of prescribing MHT
  • With clinical tools to implement immediately in your practice
  • With the confidence in your skills to support menopause with MHT
Let's revolutionize your understanding of MHT and provide you with all of the practical resources, protocols and systems to take your menopause practice to the next level.


Let's revolutionize your understanding of MHT and provide you with all of the practical resources, protocols and systems to take your menopause practice to the next level.


    By purchasing this course you get instant access to the course dashboard, the 12 hours of video modules, downloads and more.
    CE credits for Ontario (CONO) and British Columbia (CNPBC) are awarded after successful completion of all of the modules and the quiz.  Not practicing in these jurisdictions? We can provide a CE application package to apply on your own.


      By purchasing this course you get instant access to the course dashboard, the 12 hours of video modules, downloads and more.
      CE credits for Ontario (CONO) and British Columbia (CNPBC) are awarded after successful completion of all of the modules and the quiz.  Not practicing in these jurisdictions? We can provide a CE application package to apply on your own.

      When I considered who in the field should be educating our clinicians about HRT I knew that Kara would bring an incredible combination of experience, evidence and practice organisation and resources that our clinicians have been waiting for. This is your Menopause HRT practice in a box. You need this course if you are treating women over 45 in your practice.

      - Dr. Jordan Robertson, ND & CEO of the Confident Clinician Club

      The Confident Clinician Club Intensive CE courses have been a very valuable experience. The courses were jam packed with information. After day 1 of the course, I felt stimulated and excited for Day 2. I was able to apply the content the very next week in practice with my patients.

      -Dr. Julia Friesen, ND

      "As a seasoned prescriber who has done almost every advanced hormone course out there, I often walk away disappointed after listening to another hormone lecture that misses the mark. Not so with Dr. Kara! I continue to learn valuable information from every lecture and leave with tons of clinically relevant information that is ready to integrate into my practice the very next day. She interprets and presents complex research with ease, and most importantly, helps us apply it to clinical practice in even the most complex of scenarios. She is a fun and engaging presenter and it is obvious that she is not only extremely talented but truly loves what she does. As one of the few NAMS certified ND in North America, Dr. Kara Dionisio is beyond qualified to educate her colleagues on hormone therapy and genitourinary concerns. I look forward to her next lecture!" 

      - Dr. Katie Rothwell, ND
      I want you to:
      • Understand MHT more comprehensively than the majority of health professionals
      • ​Save years of time integrating the research on your own
      • ​Avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes of inefficient clinic systems
      • ​Have ready-to-go prescription and charting templates, sample letters, and patient handouts
      • ​Join a movement of clinicians stepping up to finally provide good care to women in midlife
      • ​Fully expand your capacity to be the confident clinician you can be and your patients need
      • ​Be the leader we need in menopause practice
      Frequently Asked Questions
      What if I don’t have a prescribing license, or I work in an unregulated province/stage?
      Having a thorough understanding of HRT in menopause will set you apart from your colleagues, and frankly most health professionals. Your patients will appreciate your ability to discuss factual information with them, so that they, OR YOU, can advocate to their medical doctor to consider prescribing

      I have my prescribing license but I am limited in the types and forms of hormones I can prescribe.
      What is the point of learning about forms of hormones I don’t/can’t use?
      What is best for your patient is not based on what you can or can’t prescribe! Having a deep comprehension of HRT in menopause, including the most suitable type of HRT for each individual patient will help you advocate in their best interest. 
      I‘ve taken courses in HRT and regularly use it in my practice.
      What is the advantage of doing Advanced Practice MHT?
      ABC’s of HRT is a SOLID base, by which you should feel confident in safely prescribing HRT for your patients. However, as Dr. Jordan says several times, “this may be outside the scope of what we’re talking about today. Advanced MHT takes ABC’s 1, 2, 3 steps further to give you a deep understanding of the literature, AND to be able to think critically to problem solve advanced cases.

      Is this course approved for CE credits?
      Advanced Practice MHT is approved with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (Ontario) for 12 CE credits (2 Category A + 10 Pharmacology) and with the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia(CNPBC) for 10 hours Category F. 

      What is your refund policy?
      We don't offer refunds for our digital products. Once you have access to the course dashboard you have instant access to all of my knowledge and resources on this topic. No going back!

      We have a paucity of clinicians who are MHT informed.

      But, YOU can be a leader in Menopause Hormone Therapy.

      We have a generation of women who have been left to struggle.
      They need you NOW.

      You can be the Confident Clinician who fully comprehends the history, risks, benefits, and advanced prescribing of MHT.

       You can have a thriving practice that is braced for the wave of women approaching midlife who need a compassionate and informed clinician.

      You can BE the clinician your profession, healthcare, and your patients need.
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