Myths, Misinterpretations & the Reality of Constipation:
Evidence-based care for chronic constipation & IBS-C
Myths, Misinterpretations & the Reality of Constipation:
Evidence-based care for chronic constipation & IBS-C
Constipation. So Simple. Yet so hard. 
As a practitioner, you may only be able to get your patients so far in their constipation treatment but then they:

  • Plateau or regress.
  • Get stuck trying to return foods to their diet and stop their plan altogether
  • Become unsatisfied, leaving you, as a practitioner wondering what is happening. SIBO? Dysbiosis? Transit Time? Food or fiber?
As Practitioners, we're often missing constipation in patients altogether. And when patients are diagnosed, we're providing outdated treatments that aren't working, leaving you and your patients frustrated.
If this condition isn't treated properly, it makes other treatments of gut conditions like dyspepsia or SIBO even harder to treat. 
It becomes a vicious cycle.
Patients aren’t satisfied with their treatment plan.
Protocols and treatment plan attrition are high because patients get frustrated with their symptoms coming and going. 

Ever-changing treatment protocols, supplement lists, and testing strategies from practitioners leave patients disappointed & believing they’re broken.
The research is so scant, leaving practitioners with outdated information and a trial and error process.
We often follow what we have learned in the past even if it’s not up to date or actually treating the root cause.

We may jump to the conclusion that everyone has ‘SIBO’, ‘leaky gut’, or the trendy new diagnosis and begin a trial and error approach to treatment.
The early win may come fast with constipation. But then, the plan stops working. 
Patients may see improvements while taking a supplement at first, followed by a decline after a few weeks that supplement is stopped.

They may have bowel movements but the bloating and pain are still present.

It’s only a partial fix.

Without a proven, effective treatment plan, we waste patients' time and money;
often without providing a solution or worse, treating the wrong thing. 
We can do better than the list of supplement protocols & elimination diets that often leave patients still constipated. 
There's a better way to treat constipation.
One that is evidence-based, will help your patients see results and heal, but it also help improve your treatment of overall gut health.

I’m Kim Bretz, a Naturopathic doctor who believes that health doesn’t have to be so hard. And that science can make it easier.

In fact, it was the science that led me to believe that everything I’d been taught about treating constipation and IBS-C was wrong.

I’d spent years treating constipation with the usual protocols of increasing fibre, prescribing laxatives and healthy lifestyle changes, and even resorting to expensive testing.

Even after all of this, my patients weren’t getting relief and some of them were even getting worse. The available testing only left me confused rather than being able to empower my patients.

Then one day I made a huge discovery and everything changed.

Enter in: The Microbiota.

I dove into the research and started to examine gut health through the lens of the microbiota. It was through this lens that I discovered that the magnesium or senna I’d been prescribing forever was essentially like treating hormone issues with birth control.

In short…it was a bandaid solution.

This revelation led me down a rabbit hole of research papers and it quickly became my passion. 

I’ve spent the last decade reading the most current research, teaching these concepts to healthcare providers, working with lab, supplement, and pharmaceutical companies, and working with thousands of patients to provide a better treatment protocol for constipation.

My goal is to have a community of evidence-focused practitioners who are trained to provide high-quality gastrointestinal care…and to make it feel easy.

Because I know it can be better. 

We can raise the bar for the standard of care when it comes to treating constipation.

I want this for you, and most importantly for your patients.

It doesn’t have to feel like you’re guessing at what to do next.  
Having a proven, science-backed strategy
to treat your patients and a deeper understanding of the ‘why’s’ behind your plan.
The look of hope on your patient's face when they realize your treatment plan is working.
The time and energy you’d save when you don’t have to read and interpret all of the research on your own.
Being the go-to Provider for gut health and becoming an integral part of someone's health care team.
Getting patient referrals from gastroenterologists, MDs, pelvic physiotherapists, as well as your own colleagues. 
Having the confidence and the ability to take people further in their health than they have been before.
Imagine feeling empowered and confident when creating and implementing a patient's plan even when the basic cookbook protocol doesn’t work.
Because let's be honest... the status quo isn't treating the problem.
Myths, Misinterpretations & the Reality of Constipation:
Evidence-based care of chronic constipation & IBS-C.

Gut health issues are affecting your patients - especially your female patients. Up to ⅔ of Canadians annually will be affected by gut health, mainly functional gastrointestinal disorders. And up to 30% of Canadians will suffer from constipation.

Those are big numbers of people who need YOUR help.

I can’t do this alone. 
We need a powerful team of gut-focused practitioners who can test, diagnose and treat chronic constipation and IBS-C.
This course goes beyond the laxatives and well beyond the typical myths and misconceptions.  
This is the course you need to improve your skills as a confident clinician and provide your patients with the evidence-based care they deserve.
What’s inside the course?
5 Hours of research-based content with treatment plans that you can begin implementing into your practice the very next day.
Templates for your EMR, patient care as well as your own documentation to keep you organized, and save you time!
A bonus recorded interview with Keri Martin Vrbanac, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. Keri sheds light on the role of a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist in treating constipation and the value of collaboration.
My proven methodologies on patient interactions to get 90%+ of your patient charting done in the visit.
You’ll learn how to appropriately diagnose chronic constipation, IBS-C, and SIBO-C (Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth). Determine where testing is needed (including out current understanding of some common function tests) and
gain an understanding of why so many patients don’t 
even know they’re constipated in the first place.
Why treating constipation or IBS-C is often more
difficult than treating other functional gastrointestinal conditions and the important treatment steps you
might be missing.
How to work through treatment plans and strategies
for your patients including the long-term
maintenance plans that help them end
their constant regressions
Answers to patient’s Frequently Asked Questions including:

- How do you treat children?
- How much of a role does the thyroid play in constipation?
- Should I work with a Pelvic Physiotherapist?
- What about opioid-based constipation?
- Why is fiber making things worse?
Learn how to address the ecosystem of the gut
as a constantly adapting piece of our health -
One that requires understanding & problem-
solving to move the bar forward in constipation
The surprising reasons you might be missing constipation in your patients and the most effective way to treat them.
The myths and misinterpretations of constipation including SIBO (or methane overgrowth), thyroid disease, and issues in children.
How to critically appraise both pharmacologic & supplemental options available to treat patients with the understanding of why many constipated patients get ‘stuck’ in either taking their pills to ‘un-constipate’ themselves or not take them and have their symptoms return
The latest evidence on food & fiber - it’s not what we were taught.

How to create a treatment plan for dysbiosis associated with constipation.
How to strategize on the fly with your patients and meet them where they’re at.
How to apply this knowledge to provide effective treatment options for advanced cases.
Constipation is an exacerbation of every functional gastrointestinal problem we see - because things aren't moving out.
When we can successfully treat constipation, we can better manage the long term issues with our patients suffering from IBS, SIBO & dyspepsia.

 Let's dispel the myths regarding the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of constipation and provide you with all of the practical resources, protocols and systems to revolutionize your understanding of constipation and take your practice to the next level.

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Dr. Kim Bretz ND is a leader and a trusted resource in gastrointestinal medicine. She perfectly combines updated and thorough evidence, her extensive clinical experience and an approachable, relaxed delivery style to her lectures. With this in mind, I always look forward to attending Dr. Bretz’s presentations and often find myself referencing her notes to help guide my clinical treatment decisions. Quite simply, her constant work in the area of digestive health is a step forward for the Naturopathic profession.

- Dr. Colin O'Brien ND
--- Medical Director - Cyto-Matrix 
I have been organizing, moderating and going to conferences for 20 years and have had the pleasure to learn from a great number of lecturers. Instantly when Dr Bretz took to the stage, I was interested and learned new information, which was useful and relevant. I highly recommend Kim Bretz, ND as a gut lecturer -- you will be inspired and entertained.

- Penelope Beaudrow, RH
--- Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine
Kim has an uncanny knack for making the most complex digestive disorders accessible and easy to understand. She provides logical and effective treatment plans, clinical pearls and insightful interpretation of pertinent research in every lecture, making them incredibly beneficial and clinically useful. Kim also has a way of injecting humour into her teaching style, which makes learning from her fun too!

- Dr. Quinn Hand, ND
We talk a lot about the importance of gut health but if we don’t fully understand and treat constipation properly, we're missing the point. 
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Is this course approved for CE Credits?
Myths, Misinterpretations & the Reality of Constipation course is approved for CE in Ontario (CONO) for 4 Category A and 1 Pharmacology Credit, and in BC (CNPBC) for 5 Category C.  
What is the refund policy?\
We don't offer refunds for our digital products. Once you have access to the course dashboard you have instant access to all of my knowledge and resources on this topic. No going back!
How long can I access the course materials?
We are so glad you asked! Upon purchase, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course materials to reference whenever you need them. You can access the materials via the course website with your exclusive login. 
How does this differ from other CE Courses?
We deliver resources, knowledge, and education that you can actually implement into your practice right away! Our Confident Clinicians rate this as the most practical, hands on, useable continuing education they have ever had! 
I want you to be the go-to for gut health.

I want your patients to experience long-term bowel health.

I want it to be better for our patients, but also for us!

Let’s raise the bar for patients and ourselves with effective and proven strategies to treat constipation 
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