An Integrative Database

built to support practitioners every day. 

An Exclusive Integrative Database for Naturopathic and Medical Doctors

Save time and be the BEST at what you do.

Leverage our research and database.

We search and evaluate the evidence, 
so you don't have to.

  • Evidence-based, easy-to-implement protocols
  • ​Be confident in your recommendations 
  • AI-Driven searchable database with over 6000 entries and 600,000 data points
  • Both ​at-a-glance resources and deeper learning modules on every topic

WE get it, you’re a busy practitioner who loves helping people. 
We can also probably guess that you: 

Have spent hours researching a condition you haven't seen in a while to appear confident to your patient. 

Have a goal of staying current, but can't afford to have research time built into your schedule. 

Have wished you could ask someone if what you're doing is right, but have nowhere to turn to check your work. 

We're also sure you’ve walked away from countless seminars, disappointed you didn’t receive the evidence-based plans and resources you had hoped for.

Do you ever wish there were a database built just for you?

Have you searched for a resource that supported you so you could focus on what really matters for your business?

The Confident Clinician is the ONLY medical database built for integrative practitioners.

Over 700 clinician members have simplified their patient care by using our database and exclusive members-only education.

Are you okay losing hours and hours trying to find new and accurate research to incorporate into your practice?

The Confident Clinician has hundreds of health practitioners who log in every single day, often multiple times a day.

Our database and clinical topics are updated on an ongoing basis and, and we offer exclusive members-only courses that support you, whatever your clinical focus. 

If you had

If you had



strategies for supporting you in your practice...

strategies for supporting you in your practice... would have the time and confidence to focus on what matters: would have the time and confidence to focus on what matters:



Meet Our Lead Educator and Founder

Jordan Robertson, ND

I'm a practitioner, just like you.

I couldn't wait to get out of school and start seeing patients. It was only then that I realized all of the "real" work was about to begin. 

After spending years writing tests and assignments, I had no idea how little support there was for practicing doctors in integrative medicine. 

My colleagues who are practicing conventional medicine had instant access to standards of care, research reviews and new protocols, while I was drowning in research between every single patient visit. 

It seemed like an industry expectation to have hours of unpaid labour between every patient appointment. 

I realized for integrative practitioners to take a valuable stand in medicine, we needed the same tools that conventional doctors had, to elevate our work. Integrative practitioners needed a place to look up research that was focused on our area of health. 

What's unique about my path is that although I'm an ND, I'm actually a trained critical appraiser and research facilitator. I've taught research inquiry, critical appraisal, evidence-based nutrition and research in integrative medicine courses at McMaster University for 15 years. 

I've lectured to thousands of clinicians on the evidence-based delivery of integrative care. 

So I took my life's work and turned it into a usable platform. You deserve to have the same access to resources as every other practitioner out there. You need a home outside of Up to Date, Medscape or any of the other databases that barely mention integrative care. 

Welcome home.

Imagine a streamlined system where research came DIRECTLY TO YOU IN A USABLE FORMAT.

Your protocols completely DEVELOPED FOR YOU.

A community and mentorship so you are always left feeling
in your patient work.

How much EASIER would your work be?

This is NOT ANOTHER CE program.

This is a PROVEN PROCESS that will help you excel in your practice without...

Imagine a streamlined system where research came


Your protocols are completely


A community and mentorship so you are always 


in your patient work.

How much


would your work be?

This is


CE program.

This is a


that will help you excel in your practice.

Stop Wasting Time

If you spent 50% less time researching,
what could you do instead? 

Could you fit more patient’s in per day? 

Could you make a bigger impact? 

Could you have more influence if your processes and protocols were more efficient and available at your fingertips?

Your membership gives you access to over 4 years of exclusively created education with new medical topic and live workshops added every month. 

Stop Losing Money

How much money have you wasted on CE courses that leave you with little more than a PDF of a slide deck? (Does anyone actually open them after the conference?)

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you can access expert treatment protocols while learning how to create your own. 

You can implement everything into your practice on day one. 

Our custom AI search bar reads across courses and seminars to give you integrated answers without you having to watch every video. 

Stop Working Alone

Mentorship isn’t strong in our industry, especially around clinical skill development. 

It’s hard to find a mentor who is deeply committed to you getting better as a practitioner. 

Become the Confident Clinician you've always wanted to be. 

Access our mentors, live lectures and office hours on a monthly basis. 

Our current members are already noticing a

Our current members are already noticing a



in their practices.

in their practices.





have achieved...

have achieved...

Confidence With 

By using our evidence-based 
treatment protocols, our current members are supporting their patients confidently with nutrition, prescriptions and supplements without looking anything up. 

Whether you're fact-checking what you already know or integrating new information, having a resource that delivers updated sciences is valuable to all clinicians. 

Confidence With
Other Doctors

When you know what you’re doing is right, of course it’s easier to work in a health team.

Need to send specialist letters? We have already written them for you. 

Our members are health advocates for their patients and part of primary care teams.

Confidence In

Whether it’s social media, blog posts, talks or webinars, our members are showing up in a big way to share their message. 

They know that their solutions for their patients are effective and are willing to show up in the online space. 

(Plus we give them tips and training on doing it too!)

"The way this program delivers this information is not like any other education program I have joined. The summary of the research is very clear and I feel like I can take the knowledge I learned and implement it into my practice right away. I feel more confident in how to monitor and support patients with their concerns. As well as more skilled at actually implementing evidence-based medicine.

Dr. Sarah O Ontario ND 
"Where has the Confident Clinician Club been all my life? I've been in practice for 7 years and although I was getting into my groove as a clinician, I still found myself lacking the confidence in my ability to create an evidence-informed plan for my patients. After joining the TCC, my confidence both as a clinician AND researcher have increased 10-fold and I actually feel more connected to my patients as a bi-product.

Would I recommend the Confident Clinician Club to my colleagues? 1000%!"

- Erin W., ND Confident Clinician Club Member
"Joining The Confident Clinician Club was the best decision I have made since starting my practice as an ND. I work in a clinic where there are no other NDs. It has also helped me feel confident in the way I speak to patients, delivering education in an applicable way, such that patients understand, gain motivation to execute plans, and therefore experience beneficial results. I could not be happier with The TCC, so much so that I will be a 'TCC Lifer.'"

- Julia F., ND. Confident Clinician Club Member


As a member of

The Confident Clinician 

you'll have access to:

  • Our Database with over 6000 entries and counting! You can search our webinars, podcasts, written articles, handouts and other trainings to get answers to your patient questions, right when you need them. Our database grows by upwards of 25-40 new resources each month on a variety of medical topics you see in practice every day.
  • Full Clinical Topics that provide everything you need to work with your patients. We have topics on deck for 2024, such as secondary cardiovascular prevention, vertigo, differential diagnosis of female hormonal conditions, Grave's disease, primary ovarian insufficiency and gestational diabetes. There are currently over 40 full health modules, with 12-15 new topics added every year. 
  • ​AI Integrated Search will connect you to content found in our videos, audio files, PDFs, slide decks and more without worrying about the accuracy of AI-generated medical content. Our AI only gives you what we've researched for you. 
  • ​Endless Resources and Templates in our Clinical Modules, such as 2 x 90-minute lectures that are recorded, transcribed and shared with supporting content, including handouts, protocols, EMR templates, specialist letters, diagnostic checklists and additional resources that help you "plug and play" the topic right into your practice. 
  • ​Monthly Office Hours with mentors to get your clinical questions answered! 
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) recordings on topics that members submit, business advice and new research. These audio tracts help grow our AI-driven database to help you stay up to date easily. 
  • ​Research to Practice Blogs that help you add new information to your practice every month. 
  • ​Private Online Community (which is unlike any Facebook group you've ever seen).  
  • Our Business Success Stream gives you access to previous business training and ongoing quarterly workshops on topics such as staff training, knowing your financial numbers and marketing. 

Plus, access over $5000 in additional bonuses

Our members also have access to valuable (almost priceless) free continuing education

  • Our Biannual Grand Rounds Series a 2-3 day virtual seminar focused on one area of health and incorporates all aspects of patient care that a practitioner would need. This is a CE-experience on steroids. We’ll walk you through the topic from start to finish and give you checklists, handouts, protocols and a hefty dose of confidence in treating this group of patients. Our Fall 2024 topic is Cardiovascular Health (CE Pending) and our Spring 2025 Topic is Obesity and Weight Management. Value $1000
  • NEWLY ADDED Recorded Grand Round Seminar: Women's Health Research Update from Fall 2023 and Men's Health Research Update Grand Rounds from Spring 2024. (CE approved) Value $1000
  • NEWLY ADDED 12-hour, CE Approved PCOS intensive, Fertility intensive and Basics of Prenatal, Menopause Care (non HRT) and Insulin Resistance and Diabetes courses. Value $2500
  • ​​The ABCs of HRT video series to help you feel more confident prescribing hormones (CE approved) Value $400
  • ​Future leadership opportunities through our Fellowship Programs. (Priceless)
  • ​Total Bonus Value: Over $5000
As a new practitioner, I wanted to focus on maternal health, and with the help of the Confident Clinician, I felt confident with the preconception, pregnant, and postpartum populations right from the beginning. I cannot imagine operating as a new practitioner without this membership! Starting my practice from such a confident and grounded place has been incredible.

Dr. Alexa Torontow, ND

Dr. Alexa Torontow, ND

Dr. Julia Friesen, ND

Dr. Janine Buisman Wilcox, ND


The Database - Right There When You Need It

Have you ever felt truly at home in a medical database? 

Either you can't find what you're looking for as an integrative practitioner, or the nutrition and supplement section is glossed over, incomplete or biased. 

Our members leave the tab of our database open while they work, so they can find what they need in the moment, when working with patients.  

We save you time by connecting you with resources such as:

  • ​Handouts and templates to put on your letterhead or to insert in your EMR. 
  • ​Done-for-you letters, calculators and additional resources so your patients think you're amazing. 
  • ​Our searchable At a Glance summary  

LIVE Monthly Modules - Ongoing Learning

Are you inspired by your work every month? The clinicians who join our optional monthly live calls say we inspire them every single call. 

Our monthly modules are delivered LIVE (virtually) before they are added to our database of resources. Live calls allow our community to connect with experts, ask questions in real time twice per month. 

Modules are recorded and added to the database monthly. Our AI integrated search function- reads our work, watches our videos and gives you instant answers.

Every month you'll incorporate:

  • The most up-to-date information on the chosen medical topic.
  • ​How to integrate your treatment with conventional medical plans.
  • ​Supporting documents and references. 
  • ​Research and clinical decision making skills delivered by our industry experts. 

Grand Rounds Seminars - Creating a Level of MASTERY

Some topics need more time, more depth and more training. 

We offer 2 Grand Round Seminars per year with your membership that gives you a complex medical topic delivered over 2-3 virtual workshop days. Our upcoming grand rounds for Fall 2024 is Cardiovascular Health and Spring 2025 is Obesity and Weight Management. 

Our members also have exclusive member pricing on our Advanced Practice Training Workshops. Whatever your niche and mastery-goals are, we have courses that will further your practice and confidence. Choose from topics such as Menopause Hormone Prescribing, Cholesterol, Constipation, Autoimmune Disease and Intuitive Eating. 

Intensives take you to the next level

  • Action-packed intensive learning over 2-3 days. 
  • ​Include CE (pre-approved in some provinces and states) and easy to use CE packages 
  • ​Access to resources, breakout rooms and clinical support. 

Business Success Stream - Building Confidence in Your Practice 

Are you as confident in your business as you want to be? 

We know that part of being a Confident Clinician, is having a successful business to support you. Our business trainings involve deep dives on your practice numbers, training for your staff, policy development and marketing strategies. 

Through our recorded and live workshops, we'll help you develop: 

  • ​A system for keeping track of the numbers in your practice - in an evidence based way. 
  • ​A clear communication strategy for your staff, your patients and yourself. 
  • ​A framework to share what you do and time-saving ways to execute marketing ideas. 
  • ​The confidence you need to know your business choices are sound. 

Instantly access SIX intensive courses completely FREE.

We have a deep commitment to making our clinicians better and to keep updating and evolving our database as information changes. 

All of our past Confident Clinician run intensives are part of our general membership. By joining, you get access to SIX intensive courses (ABCs of HRT, PCOS, Fertility, Basics of Prenatal Care, Menopause Care (non HRT) and Insulin Resistance and Diabetes instantly. 

Intensive courses give our members:

  • A sense of confidence that they are practicing medicine just like their colleagues, and towards a standard of care. 
  • ​The resources they need to plug into their practice right away. 
  • ​Significant CE credits (Ontario and BC NDs are often pre-approved, and CE packages are provided for out of province/state members). 

For a limited time.

We are committed to helping our members move through a process towards confidence - which means you can't join us at any time!

We open our doors twice per year, in January and July. 

Our current 700 members enjoy member privileges every day, such as:  

  • The Confident Clinician Database with over 60 full clinical topics and over 200 hours of webinars already there for you. 
  • The Confident Clinician AI Search a curated AI-driven search function that reads our 200+ hours of video to give you instant answers in the moment (and directs you to the original video for deeper learning).  
  • Access to CE Credits, 36+ hours of CE per year (CONO/BC/CE packages available) 

For the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you can


in your clinical practice this year!

Your membership will give you access to


along with


that will change the way you work with every single patient!



*Membership fee is charged at time of purchase.
Membership will auto-renew @ $1200 annually on the date you joined.

Access Includes:

*All of our past Confident Clinician run intensives are part of our general membership. By joining, you get access to SIX intensive courses (ABCs of HRT, PCOS, Fertility, Basics of Prenatal Care, Menopause Care (non HRT) and Insulin Resistance and Diabetes) instantly. 


Stay in the know for when our doors open next. 


Be the first to know when our doors reopen Summer 2024


How does the Confident Clinician membership model work?

The Confident Clinician is a subscription based model where you get access to an exceptional amount of content for a annual membership fee. 

Your membership will auto-renew. 

What if I'm not busy in practice?

This is the best way to GET busy in practice! 

Having an established practice isn’t about having the best Instagram. Building a successful practice is about getting results with your patients and showing up confidently in what you do.

I don't really trust AI...

We understand!

As an organization that values accuracy and trust, we were worried about standard AI search too. 

Our AI-driven search is custom-built, meaning that it never scours the internet for answers (which is VERY inaccurate). Our AI was built to ONLY read our content. We have complete control to ensure you get the best answers possible. 

What if I have questions between calls?

This is where our Facebook community and our AMA submission section on the website comes in handy! 

We collect the questions and publish quick podcasts or videos on the topic. You’ll be supported from all angles as we move through the topic of the month. 

What if I can't make any of the live calls?

No problem. 

We upload every video to the membership site so you can review it when you need it. We have each video transcribed so you can skip ahead to watch the parts that are the most relevant.

What is your cancellation policy?

You lock in for a low price on your membership and get all the member perks that are included for your commitment right away. 

Your membership will auto renew. If you choose to not renew at the end of your membership term, you will lose access to the database, content and courses included in your membership. 

You can't afford more inactivity!
Do right by your patients by investing in yourself!
Between the coaching calls, intensives and bonus lectures, you'll be a different practitioner by the end of 2024.


Do right by your patients by


Between the coaching calls, intensives and bonus lectures, you'll be a different practitioner