Mastering Sleep Medicine
Integrative and Evidence-Based Solutions for Insomnia & Sleep Disturbances
Integrative and Evidence-Based Solutions for Insomnia & Sleep Disturbances
Are you tired of struggling to help your patients solve their sleep issues? 

Are you feeling a little dazed and confused about how to effectively and efficiently win those Zzzz’s when you:

  • Didn't receive much (or any?) training in sleep medicine in school and as such don’t have a specific sleep-supporting strategy in place in your practice
  • Are secretly hoping that prescribing melatonin or asking your patient to “cut their screen time” will be their ticket to success 
  • Don’t have the confidence to dig deeper on the issue when your patient’s brush off their sleep issues as something that ‘has always been that way’. 

Fixing your patients' broken sleep is the 
fastest way to get them the results they’re looking for.

The Problem Is: 

If your patients aren’t sleeping, they’re not healing. 

Failing to obtain adequate sleep is associated with an increased risk of immune system dysfunction and susceptibility to infection, Alzheimer’s disease, reproductive and fertility challenges, blood sugar dysregulation, obesity, all major psychiatric conditions (including but not limited to depression, anxiety and suicidality) as well as cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality.

You’re prescribing sleep hygiene practices - but it’s not enough.

Your patients have already Googled how to fix their insomnia and are seemingly doing all the things - but they’re still struggling to get good sleep. 

The research is clear that sleep hygiene alone isn’t enough to effectively treat insomnia.

You’re wondering how to integrate sleep trackers and wearables into your practice.

Your patients share their results and you’re not sure if they’re accurate or how to interpret the data. What wearables are legit? What sleep-related markers are you trying to impact? How will you know if your treatment plan is working? 

You’re trying to navigate the research on your own, but you’re overwhelmed - leaving you with a trial-and-error process based on outdated information. 

Your patients have tried everything - melatonin, endless supplements, CBD and even sleeping pills - none of which seem to be making a difference and you’re not sure what else to recommend.

You’re noticing that initial changes might help for a while, but then they stop working. 

Patients may see improvements at first, but then their old pattern of sleeplessness returns. They’re frustrated (yet again) and you’re not sure how to explain what happened.

Your Patients don’t make progress with their goals.

You know if your patients could just get better sleep, they’d have more energy to exercise, more motivation to eat well, more capacity for change - and as a result, they’d be able to transform their whole health.

Regardless of your focus in clinical practice, or the demographic you work with, all of your patients need good, quality sleep.

Let’s help your patients succeed with their sleep so you can confidently rest easy at night, knowing you’re addressing one of the most critical foundations of health.  
This is where you start. 

Regardless of your focus in clinical practice, or the demographic you work with, all of your patients need good, quality sleep.

Let’s help your patients succeed with their sleep so you can confidently rest easy at night, knowing you’re addressing one of the most critical foundations of health.  
This is where you start. 


Dr. Leigha Saunders

A naturopathic doctor, who is obsessed with helping her patients (and yours!) get better sleep.

She has been there. As someone who personally knows and understands the frustrating and exhausting struggles of insomnia, her clinical focus is to guide you and your patients from sleepless nights to Slumberland.

In the depths of her sleep struggles, she broke down at work when a fellow ND asked her how she was doing.

She told them she was so freakin’ tired, she was struggling to balance all the things - being a new mom, trying to maintain her own health, manage her practice and run a clinic.

In that moment, she felt like a fraud because she didn't feel like she could even take care of herself in the fog of exhaustion, let alone take care of her patients.

Her colleagues response was “Well, other women do it”. 

Even from depths of sleep deprivation and exhaustion, she knew this wasn't right. While the statement was intended to encourage her by reminding her that she could do hard things - it hit her like a ton of bricks.

She realized that "other women do it" - they struggle with sleeplessness and exhaustion for years - because they think they have to.

So she decided to fix her sleep. She started scouring the research. She learned everything she could. She asked herself hard questions and she implemented change.

And it worked.

Then, she applied it in her practice with her patients and  realized the patients in her practice who got better, were often the ones who slept well.

She started seriously supporting her patients who were struggling (with more than a "here, take melatonin."). 

They started sleeping better.

They started feeling better.

They started making bigger and more meaningful changes.

And she started to hear things like:

“I feel like a new person.”

“I feel like myself again.”

“I can’t remember the last time I felt this well.”

“I didn’t know I could feel this well.” 

And then she looked for allies. 

Who else was focusing on sleep in their practice? 

How could we collaborate to effect more change?

But, she couldn’t find anyone.

We need you.

You need to feel confident to effectively support your patients’ ability to sleep. 

We’re facing a global epidemic of sleeplessness.
The real question is - are you ready to be a part of the solution?


  • You had a consistent, evidence-based strategy to treat your patients and a deeper understanding of navigating sleep struggles and challenges
  • The time and energy you’d save you and your patients when you have a proven plan to share, including clarity and confidence in prescription management 
  • Feeling confident in your ability to manage sleep struggles, being rewarded and fulfilled when your patients tell you how fantastic their feeling with better sleep


Mastering Sleep Medicine 
Integrative and Evidence-Based Solutions for Insomnia & Sleep Disturbances
(AKA The course that will put your patients to sleep!)

What's Inside? 


Sleep Solution 1: 
Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, yet like all sleep disorders, is under recognized and under diagnosed. Many patients fail to report insomnia symptoms to physicians and physicians do not adequately explore or assess sleep disorders in the primary care setting.
YOU’LL  learn:
  • How to confidently, effectively and efficiently use your clinical interviewing skills to best screen for and assess sleep disturbances and disorders
  • How to refer for and interpret sleep study results (Hellloooo templates)
  • ​How to integrate commercial sleep trackers and wearables for your patients to assess their sleep and track their progress comfortably and conveniently 
Sleep Solution 2
Condition Catch Up
We’re going to cover a review of sleep conditions including but more than just insomnia - a research update on sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, shift work related sleep disturbances and circadian rhythm disruptions (aka the night owls and the jet lagged). 

For these conditions, you’ll learn: 
  • The proper assessment and diagnostic criteria 
  • Integrative treatment and management 
Sleep Solution 3
Creating a CBT-I informed practice
Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia is the gold standard for treatment; the challenge is that most patients won’t have access to programs. Integrative practitioners are uniquely positioned to understand the principles of CBT-I to inform best practices for insomnia that integrate with your entire treatment plan. 
YOU’LL  learn:
  • The core components of and what patients are best suited for CBT-I
  • How to integrate CBT-I principles into your treatment plans
  • How to confidently work with your patients and set expectations for treatment goals and timeline
Sleep Solution 4
The Prescription for Better Sleep - Managing Pharmacotherapies
Whether you have prescribing right or not, your patients are either on, wanting to wean or are avoiding sleep medications. Understanding the evidence behind pharmacotherapy options for sleep disorders will help you confidently navigate treatment options, better informing your discussions with your patients and their other healthcare practitioners.
YOU’LL  learn:
  • The standard of care guidelines for pharmacological interventions for insomnia
  • The comparative effectiveness and safety of pharmacological options for your patients
  • How to support your patients while weaning from or recently stopping sleep aids
Sleep Solution 5
Supporting the HPA-Axis & Sleep
You know that stress and sleep are intricately connected for your patients. But do you know the evidence for what interventions work best to support the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and sleep? 
YOU’LL  learn:
  • The pathophysiology and relationship between the HPA Axis & Sleep
  • What the research and evidence says (or doesn’t say) about all the supplements touted to lower cortisol and improve sleep
  • What lifestyle and mindfulness-based interventions have the greatest evidence for reducing insomnia and improving sleep, from meditation to physical movement & exercise
Sleep Solution 6
The Hormone-Sleep Connection
Women are almost twice as likely as men to experience sleep disturbances over the course of their lifetime. Hormone changes across the menstrual cycle, through perimenopause and during menopause, correlate with and contribute to sleep disturbances. 
You'll learn:
  • How sleep changes with hormone changes across a woman’s lifespan, from pregnancy to PMS to menopause
  • How obstructive sleep apnea can present very differently in women and is often missed - but now, not by you!
  • How specific populations, like breast cancer survivors, are more likely to experience severe sleep disturbances and what you can do about it
Sleep Solution 7
HRT For Sleep in Midlife
Almost 60% of women will experience sleep disturbances and insomnia during perimenopause and menopause, many of whom will go on to develop chronic sleep issues. 
You'll learn:
  • The significance of the relationship between vasomotor symptoms and sleep disturbances
  • The evidence for hormone replacement therapy in addressing sleep disturbances (with or without concurrent VMS) in midlife
  • How to confidently prescribe hormone therapy for sleep disturbances (yes, of course you get templates!)
Sleep Solution 8
Supplement Strategies
Melatonin, CBD, Valerian, Magnesium, L-theanine, GABA, Passionflower, Chamomile, Ashwagandha… your patients have probably tried them all with limited success. Treating insomnia and sleep disturbances goes well beyond just supplements, but you do need to know what to use when.
You'll learn:
  • The evidence for the most commonly used sleep-related supplements, including cannabis
  • How to build a supplement strategy for different sleep complaints - you’ll learn what works best for helping your patients fall versus stay asleep
  • How to support your patients on or weaning from sleeping pills with targeted supplementation
Sleep Solution 9
Nutritional & Dietary Strategies for Better Sleep
Metabolic health, blood sugar and dietary strategies are all interrelated with sleep quality and quantity - but this is often overlooked and seldom included as a part of treating insomnia and sleep disturbances. Insufficient sleep can significantly increase the risk of diabetes, weight gain and obesity.
You'll learn:
  • The intricacies of the bi-directional relationship between metabolic health, glucose regulation, appetite control and sleep
  • What nutritional and dietary strategies have evidence to support increasing and improving your patients’ sleep
  • How to help your patients integrate changes easily and effectively 
Sleep Solution 10
Shedding Light on Sleep Struggles (Chronotype)
The research in this area is exploding. Helping your patients understand and sync with their chronotype and circadian rhythm is not just important for improving nighttime sleep, but for optimising daytime function and performance. 

You'll learn:
  • How to assess your patients’ chronotype and what specific recommendations to make based on their type
  • How to reset and regulate your patients’ circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycle with light therapy, supplement strategies and food-timing
  • How to work with circadian rhythm changes and shifts as patients age and their sleep declines

You can have all that! 
Get the evidence-based solutions and protocols that actually work to help your patients:

Fall Asleep
Stay Asleep 
Wake Rested



  • 10 Hours of Course Content
  • 10 Module Course
  • BONUS: Templates for your EMR -  intake questions, referral letters, supplement descriptions and prescription templates
  • BONUS:  Cheat sheets and Resources that you can flip to on the fly in a patient visit to quickly and effectively choose the right treatment option



  • 10 Hours of Course Content
  • 10 Module Course
  • BONUS: Templates for your EMR - intake questions, referral letters, supplement descriptions and prescription templates
  • BONUS: Cheat sheets and Resources that you can flip to on the fly in a patient visit to quickly and effectively choose the right treatment option



I've had the privilege to listen to Dr. Leigha speak professionally on numerous occasions and have been honoured to have her as a guest speaker more than once on my autoimmune-focused podcast. Leigha never fails to captivate her audience with her fresh insights from the latest research. What's more impressive is the information she provides isn't only relevant, but also highly actionable - you can apply them instantly to see tangible results with your clients. Dr. Leigha has become my go-to reference for expertise on sleep matters!
- Dr. Alison Danby, ND
Dr. Leigha Saunders is the go to on all things sleep! Her expertise in the area and how it intersects and relates to other areas of health is unmatched. I have had the privilege to learn from Leigha on multiple occasions and her presentations are always filled with excellent insight, as well as easily actionable clinical tools. I would highly recommend any presentation by her! 

As a facilitator of her signature program, The Better Sleep Bootcamp, Leigha has distilled this knowledge down to a proven system that has enhanced my clinical offerings, business and patient outcomes

- Dr. Brittany Schamerhorn, ND 
“I have been receiving clinical, business and personal mentorship with Leigha for years now - I continue to work with her as she has so much wisdom and experience to offer. She is deeply passionate about the topic of sleep and is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. There is so much research in this area, it is so helpful to learn from someone who has dedicated their career to the clinical application of this info. I anticipate this being a very impactful course.”
- Dr. Jayelle Haavaldsen, ND 
Dr. Leigha Saunders is the leading authority on all things sleep. Her evidence-based, lifestyle management approach is what makes her such a champion and voice for the increased quality of sleep for my community and patient base. Her passion and methodical articulation of the research have helped empower & transform my sleep prescription, her intensive is a must-do! Everyone needs quality sleep, so this is an essential conversation for us to have with our patients. 
- Dr. Michelle Peris, ND; Creator of The Wild Collective, Owner of The Poppy Clinic and Host of Wild Medicine Podcast 

There’s no aspect of health and disease that sleep doesn’t impact. 

No more struggling to help your patients solve their sleep issues. 



Sleep isn’t my clinical focus. Why should I do this course?
All of your patients sleep (kind of!). Regardless of your clinical focus, if your patients aren’t sleeping well, they’re going to be facing a major obstacle in their healing journey with you. Come and learn how you can effectively and efficiently support your patients, regardless of the reason they came to see you in the first place.
What if I don’t have a prescribing license or I work in an unregulated jurisdiction?
It’s all good! Regardless of your scope of practice, your patients are coming to you because they trust your knowledge and value your expertise. Leave feeling confident you can help them navigate their treatment options, regardless of whether you’re a prescriber or not. 

I’ve heard you speak before. How is this course different?
This course is THE most comprehensive sleep course I’ve ever compiled. There’s nothing like it and we’ll be covering new and updated information!
What is your Refund Policy?
We do not offer refunds to our digital courses.
What do you want to say to me if I’m on the fence? 
The one thing that all of your patients have in common is that they sleep. If you’ve read this far, it means you’re less than completely confident in your ability to effectively treat sleep disturbances in your practice. That’s why we’ve created this course. We promise you’re in the right place and won’t be disappointed with what you’ll learn. Jump in! 
Is this course approved for CE?
Yes! This course is approved for 2.0 Category F credits with CNPBC and 8 Category A and 2 Pharmacology CONO. We provide a CE package to apply in your own jurisdiction. 

If your patients aren’t sleeping, they’re not healing. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to help your patients address one of the most critical foundations of health