Autoimmune 101 Workshop

Evidence-Based Approach to Rheumatic Autoimmune Conditions




Evidence-Based Approach To Rheumatic Autoimmune Conditions

The Puzzle of Autoimmunity

Where do you start as a practitioner?

That is the million dollar question when:

  • Every body system plays a part in autoimmune from digestion, hormones, adrenals, nervous system
  • ​There is so much misguided information & non-evidence backed opinions it can be overwhelming
  • Research is 3 full-time jobs…Every day there is new research on autoimmune, with more than 240, 000 articles on PubMed, in 2021 alone.
  • ​Dr. Google is self-prescribing FAD diets that muddy the waters of offering effective treatment plans 

And your patients:

  • Are frustrated with conventional medicine and 10-minute appointments, 
  • ​Are feeling that they are in the dark about their conditions or their lack of clear diagnosis
  • Are overwhelmed with all the information from their doctor
  • ​Have been told there is nothing else they can do except to take medication
  • ​Feel frustrated when their symptoms, especially when they don’t improve how they expected once they start on medication
  • ​Have been misled by social media claiming that the cure and remission is to follow a diet
  • ​Are looking for clarity, support, and a framework on how to navigate this life-changing diagnosis.

How do you, as a practitioner stay on top of it all?

Better yetare you staying on top of it all?

Diagnosing and treating autoimmune disease is challenging.

Your window of opportunity is short

  • Many autoimmune patients are frustrated with the conventional medical system. Their trust has been broken, leaving practitioners with a very limited opportunity to make an effective impression
  • ​As clinicians we have 1-2 visits to make an impression and build trust and confidence. You need a framework, a long-term strategy and an understanding of the latest research.

Patient education on the ‘right’ information is tedious

  • Your patients are overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. From podcasts to Youtube to social media, they are flooded with questionable, dicy and often misleading information! 
  • I​t’s your responsibility to decipher and educate your patients on what has the quality evidence to create a strategy that fits their needs. And let's be honest, this takes time.

Your treatment toolbox may be outdated

  • Your autoimmune patients are already attempting the basics. If you’re relying on the elimination diet and vitamin D for your go-to plan then your patients will be disappointed. They are looking for advanced care and are turning to you for a strategy and framework. 

A one size fits all approach doesn’t work 

  • Are you using the same herbs, vitamins and diet to treat each autoimmune condition? Should we be running fancy functional medicine testing on everyone? 
  • ​There are over 150 different autoimmune conditions identified. The pathophysiology behind each one is slightly different, we can’t use the same approach for Rheumatoid Arthritis as Lupus or Sjorgens and expect the same results. 

With the right infrastructure, confidence and up-to-date knowledge, you can be the trusted primary provider and support your patients more effectively. 



I know firsthand how challenging treating autoimmune can be.

From pre-diagnosis to managing a flare and preventing other co-morbidities, I have sat on both sides of the desk- both as an autoimmune patient and as a clinician working with autoimmune patients. 

After going through my own autoimmune journey,

I witnessed firsthand the frustrations of our current medical system and the limitations our patients face. In addition to the realization of the gaps in my own knowledge and learning from my naturopathic medical training that unfortunately did not translate well from theory to actual clinical practice.  

I was desperate and tried to piece together this puzzle of autoimmune by attending every autoimmune conference for over 10 years, only to leave frustrated and disappointed. Many presenters provided little to no evidence on their treatment, basing them on theories that sounded great but when applied clinically never moved the needle. If evidence was ever provided, it was in rats, or used protocols that were completely unreasonable. I spent thousands of dollars, only to feel more deflated.

It wasn’t until I started to dive into the evidence-backed research myself, to see what was actually possible for my patients that my practice started to shift.

I was able to have higher-level conversations, map out their journey and manage their expectations.

I built better and stronger relationship with them to navigate the medical system with less frustration and have my patients full trust, despite their not-so-linear healing journey. 

My goal is to change the way our patients experience autoimmune healthcare. 

I want to take the frustration and overwhelm out of this journey for practitioners. We have such an incredible opportunity to provide faster diagnosis, better evidence-based care, collaborative healthcare and be a life long partner to our clients who are struggling with the complex puzzle of autoimmunity…Are you ready to take that step?

Dr. Alison Danby, ND.

Dr. Alison Danby, ND.

Imagine if you had the confidence and tools to:

Step into your authority and confidently collaborate & advocate with other members of your client’s medical team.  

Give your patient a solid strategy for the first 3 visits and a framework for the next 6-8 months. 

Clearly explain the evidence-based research behind your approach and treatment plan

Prevent and manage the co-morbidities that can arise with autoimmune  

Know what nutrition plan is best and the research behind it

Build a trusting relationship with your clients that will weather the ups and downs of autoimmune. 

What if treating Autoimmune didn’t have to be complex or scary?
What if you could do it without… 

Wasted Time

You can read the research; (over 240,907 autoimmune articles on PubMed), you can piece it together and hope it translates clinically, and create all the templates and documents for your clients. 

But you don’t have to. 

Wasted Money

No more spending thousands of dollars on CE credits that are not evidence backed. 

No more leaving disappointed without practical solutions for your patients.


We know you worry with every patient if a supplement work, will interact with their medication or will cause a flare of their disease. 

You can feel more confident. 

Introducing the Autoimmune Course I wish I had access to 10 years ago…

Autoimmune 101 Workshop
Evidence-Based Approach to Rheumatic Autoimmune Conditions

This 1-day workshop is designed to reinstill your confidence in supporting your autoimmune patients through the entirety of process 

From the identification of their first symptoms to successfully managing their condition to preventing and mitigating co-morbidities, building that confidence will open so many doors for you and your patients.

Autoimmune impacts every body system and for many clinicians knowing where to start and how to avoid interactions/flares is the hardest part. 

This course is designed to provide you with a framework and strategy to help guide your clients through their journey.

As clinicians we know the importance of collaborative care to ensure our patients are getting the best support possible. Not only will we be walking through how we can achieve this easily for you but also diving into the science and evidence around supplements and nutrition to support one of the biggest obstacles a patient may face from day on- fatigue and inflammation

I am determined to change autoimmune healthcare and I can’t do this alone. Our patients need us now more than ever.

Imagine having:

  • Patient resources at your fingertips and 
  • Plug and Play EMR templates to reduce your charting time
  • Done for you letters for you to use for collaborative care. 

Imagine your patient leaving their appointment with a strategic treatment plan in place that has been proven to work. 


Module 1: Our Role as Integrative Practitioners 

As primary care providers we have an amazing opportunity to reduce the wait times of diagnosis for our clients, and quickly mitigate their symptoms that are impacting their quality of life. 

You will learn:

  • How we fit as primary care providers to the autoimmune journey and enhance collaborative care. 
  • A brief review of diagnostic criteria (this is helpful for those clients that kinda/maybe have autoimmune)
  • The standards of care for Rheumatic Autoimmune conditions and monitoring responsibilities 
  • ​Autoimmune SOAP and what additional subjective and objective information should be we gather, along with assessments and differential diagnoses.

Module 2: Pharmaceutical Interventions 

Medication is a reality for many of our clients and one of the biggest sources of stress not only for our clients but also for us and their medical team. Interactions occur, and side effects are real, however, this is an area where we can excel, with our advanced medical knowledge

You will learn:

  • The current pharmaceutical interventions, the interactions, side effects and nutritional deficiencies associated with the different classes of medication
  • About low dose Naltrexone and if there is a place for it in care and how can we access this
  • CBD and Autoimmune

Module 3: Evidence-Based Autoimmune Care

This is where we shine! We will be looking at the evidence, trends and treatment options for working with Autoimmune fatigue. More than 80% of people with Autoimmune say fatigue is their biggest concern

You will learn:

  • To differentiate and link inflammation to the right treatment plan as not all inflammation is the same nor should be treated the same
  • ​About Autoimmune fatigue and the specific patterns autoimmune has with the HPA and Central Nervous system 
  • About Nutrition Strategies and the evidence-based nutrition for managing autoimmune conditions

Module 4: Comorbidities 

With the increased in long term inflammation autoimmune is an associate with increased risk of several co-morbidities.

You will learn:

  • How to identify other co-morbidities associated with autoimmune that Integrative Practitioners can effectively minimize risk.


Autoimmune Educational Material 

  • Framework & educational material to help enhance your client's autoimmune journey

Practice Enhancing 

  • Autoimmune specific EMR templates to reduce the stress and time of charting 

Autoimmune Collaborative Care

  • Templates for collaborative care letters to other providers including MDs 
  • ​30 Minute Recorded Interview with a Registered Psychotherapist for Trauma and Autoimmune
  • 30 Minute Recorded Interview with a Chiropractor to discuss assessment, diagnostics, imaging and collaborative care strategies

This is a learning opportunity you don't want to miss

Course Price

  • 6 Hours of Course Content
  • Bonus Material and Resources
  • Plug and Play EMR templates to reduce your charting time
  • Done for you Reference Letters to use for Collaborative Care
  • Patient Resources at your fingertips

We have an incredible opportunity to change healthcare for autoimmune through:

Supportive Medicine 

We have the medical model to support our clients through this healing journey. 

You will walk away with an understanding and the knowledge to improve their quality of life with lifestyle changes, and to help reduce the risk for co-morbidities. 

Collaborative Care

We have the knowledge, skills and ability to help ensure these clients receive quicker and better health care through collaborative health. 

 You will leave with the tools and the confidence to effectively communicate to other health care providers to help reduce the wait time while helping patients mitigate symptoms.

Non-Pharmaceutical Support 

Many of our clients are looking for an alternative approach to medications. 

We will review the evidence on how and where a non-pharmaceutical approach is effective. 

Preventative Care 

Many of our clients are faced with an increased risk to several co-morbidities. 

We will identify what those are, and review the screening and the monitoring required to prevent further complications.


“Alison Danby is an exceptional communicator. She is a natural teacher and has a compelling capacity to deliver complex subject matter in a digestible way. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”
                                                                            -Dr. Meghan Walker, ND (inactive) 
“I just watched your lecture at AANP which was uh-mazing! So helpful and informative, I struggle a lot with where to even start as we investigate when patients present with complicated symptoms associated with autoimmunity. Just wanted to say thanks for the work you are doing- it’s needed” 
                                                                    -Dr. Bethany, Naturopathic Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course approved for CE Credits?
The Autoimmune 101 Workshop is approved for CE in BC (CNPBC) for 5 Category C. Ontario (CONO) is approved for 4 Category A and 1 Pharmacology. 
What is the refund policy?
We don't offer refunds for our digital products. Once you have access to the course dashboard you have instant access to all of my knowledge and resources on this topic. No going back!
How long can I access the course materials?
We are so glad you asked! Upon purchase, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course materials to reference whenever you need them. You can access the materials via the course website with your exclusive login. 
How does this differ from other CE Courses?
We deliver resources, knowledge, and education that you can actually implement into your practice right away! Our Confident Clinicians rate this as the most practical, hands on, useable continuing education they have ever had! 

You can be the practitioner your autoimmune clients have been needing

You can be the evidence base practitioner With The deep understanding of autoimmune , who can confidently collaborate with other health care providers

You can change healthcare for autoimmune 

This is your time to shine…

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