SIBO Demystified 
From Testing to Treatment
(& Everything In Between)

The idea that anyone with gut symptoms 
(or symptoms you can’t explain)
could have SIBO is flawed 

Especially when:
There’s confusion and Uncertainty Regarding Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines: 
  • It can be hard to make informed decisions about patient care when the research isn't clear & the guidelines for diagnosing and treating SIBO are conflicting. 
We have difficulty identifying who should be tested. 
  • Hint:  it’s not everyone with a gut symptom - even if it’s bloating & diarrhea. Without clear criteria, there's a risk of both false positives and false negatives, impacting treatment effectiveness.
The symptoms of SIBO overlap with other conditions.
  • Even if your patient does have SIBO, they probably have an underlying root-issue.  
Treatments may not be effective in the long term. 
  • Despite your expertise, when we have confusion in diagnosis and treatment, it can lead to trial and error with patients.
It’s no wonder that SIBO feels so confusing and difficult to manage. 
we can have a massive impact on patient quality of life.
If we know what to do. 
But it can be hard when:
The research in SIBO is one of the most challenging areas in gut health. 
There have been over 200 studies published in the last 3 years! Keeping up with the evidence in SIBO is time-consuming (and confusing!). 
There's so much bias in the area of SIBO
Everyone has an opinion about SIBO. From testing to treatment, you can find 100s of protocols and ideas. Who can you trust when everyone is weighing in on the topic with their own products and lab tests? 
Your patients aren’t getting better. 
If you’ve ever shied away from treating digestive health or SIBO because of the lackluster patient outcomes, you’re not alone.  

Help your patients overcome their digestive symptoms. 



At first, identifying and treating SIBO may seem simple.

Run a breath test, kill the excessive bacteria, change the diet and work on motility. And you know what? Sometimes this works.  

The wins can come fast & early with SIBO treatment for many patients. There may be some improvement while taking an antibiotic or herbs and/or severely restricting their diet.

But then, the plan stops working. There is usually a decline within a month or two. The bowel issues resume, and the bloating and pain start to creep back. 

It’s because your plan was only a partial fix. It’s a band-aid. 

In my career as a naturopath focused on digestive health, I’ve always wanted to create a course on SIBO.

I wanted better. We needed better. Our patients deserve better. 

As I read more and more research about SIBO to improve my skills & help my patients, I started to realize the deep issues in both testing & treatment. 

I realized how much harm can be done to patients when we’re using tests or treatments we don’t fully understand (and I get this - I thought I understood too). But, when we choose the wrong patients to test, we risk false positives. Which means we're treating patients with antimicrobials they don't need (further disrupting the microbiome), restricting the diet more (leading to higher risk of disordered eating patterns, nutrient deficiencies and social isolation), increased hypersensitivity, stress & just plain wasting time & money. 

And, also, putting this vulnerable patient population at risk for longer term health issues. Even if they initially got better in the short term.  

After drinking from a firehose of conflicting research for the last few years, I’m ready to share the simplified and more nuanced conversation about SIBO so you can save time and save your patients the pain of ineffective treatment plans. 

This is truly an opportunity for you to become a frontrunner in SIBO management in your practice

Our patients deserve better.

And so do we. 

You had a strategy to move your patients through based on the best available research and and understanding of the ‘why’s’ behind what you’re doing. 
Your patients actually followed up after their visits (and felt hopeful because they had a sound plan)  
You didn't have to read and interpret all of the research on your own or rely on information coming from people with a vested interest in you testing and treating SIBO 
You were the go-to for gut health (and actually enjoyed treating it) 
 You got referrals from gastroenterologists, MDs, pelvic physiotherapists, as well as your own colleagues.  
You had the confidence and the ability to take people further in their health than they have with any other practitioner…. 
SIBO Demystified: 

From Testing to Treatment (& Everything In Between)

A one day virtual deep dive that takes you beyond the typical SIBO conversation. 

We’ll cover: 

  • Why testing results are so inconsistent (and what to do instead)
  • Why treatment plans that work so well for one group of patients, doesn’t hold for other patients (and how to adapt your plan for each person)
  • ​How to talk all of this through with the individual in front of you 
Naturopathic and Integrative clinicians should be the primary point of care for SIBO patients. With Up to ⅔ of Canadians affected by gut health each year this is an area that we can dominate and change lives.

This is an opportunity to conquer SIBO challenges with newfound expertise and transforming your patient outcomes. Understanding the ‘what next’ when results aren’t what you or your patient expect in the longer term.

You’ll leave the course with a guided pathway through the complexities of SIBO, leading to improved diagnoses and effective treatments

I can’t do this alone. 

We need a group of gut-focused practitioners. 

Are you in?

What We Will Cover
Unlocking the Mysteries of SIBO: An In-Depth Introduction
In this module, delve into the mechanics of SIBO - understanding its development, impact on health, and clinical spectrum. Differentiate its manifestations, from maldigestion/malabsorption to symptoms without malabsorption. By unravelling SIBO's complexity, gain insights for informed decisions in diagnosis, treatment, and long-term care, eliminating the uncertainty often faced by practitioners dealing with SIBO cases.

You will learn:
  • Understand the ‘how’ of SIBO (instead of using the latest viral Tiktoker’s thoughts) 
  • Differentiate between the two clinical manifestations of SIBO - SIBO as a condition of maldigestion & malabsorption and SIBO as a clinical entity related to symptoms
Decoding SIBO: The Art and Science of Accurate Diagnosis
Which tests are accurate and which are garbage? This module will help you understand testing and will equip you with the knowledge and diagnostic skills required to differentiate and accurately diagnose various presentations of SIBO. This, will help you craft tailored and effective treatment strategies, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes for a wide range of SIBO cases.

You will learn:
  • Understanding different methods of diagnosis along with their risks & benefits
  • ​Interpreting the results
  • Identifying underlying clinical manifestations of SIBO to answer the question of who to test
Beyond SIBO: Uncovering Other Overgrowth Conditions
We'll explore the intricacies of overgrowth conditions such as Methanogen Overgrowth and Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth (SIFO). Learn to distinguish between hype and reality—are these conditions occurring, mimicking SIBO or other GI issues, or coexisting with them? Navigate the confusing terrain of diagnostic and treatment challenges.

You will learn:
  • A look into the research existing for other overgrowth conditions and what we can do with the information
  • Handle the disconnect between the true research and what your patients are hearing on social media
Mastering Treatment Strategies for SIBO Management
This segment covers effective treatment strategies for SIBO, exploring antimicrobials, dietary adjustments, and long-term management. By addressing this issue, the course equips practitioners with the expertise to provide patient-centred care, fostering better outcomes and sustained relief for those dealing with SIBO.

You will learn:
  • The research & use of antibiotics, prokinetics, and other medications
  • Dietary approaches and restrictions - the good, the bad & the ugly
  • Alternative therapy options and what we know about their effectiveness
SIBO Long-Term Management and Co-Management with Concurrent GI Disorders
SIBO may coexist with various gastrointestinal conditions - but to what extent and why? Understanding the relationship of SIBO with other GI conditions, both functional & organic, can help with the long term management of our SIBO patients. 

You will learn:
  • To transform your approach from an algorithm follower to a clinical strategist
  • To deepen your understanding of gut health complexities.
When it’s Not SIBO: Unravelling Gut Health Alternatives & Having Tough Conversations
Navigating cases where SIBO might not be the primary concern or may have been dealt with presents a unique challenge. How do you manage patients who are stuck in the belief that it must be SIBO, even when those beliefs may not be likely? Transitioning to becoming a truly confident clinician involves initiating and navigating such difficult discussions.
You Will Be Able To
Attain expert-level insights into SIBO while keeping costs in check, optimizing your practice without the financial strain associated with large conferences and piecemeal courses
In-depth knowledge on SIBO without having to wade through the conflicting research yourself, saving valuable time for your practice and professional growth.
Efficiently integrate SIBO knowledge into your practice without wasting time or resources, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective process
Enhance your practice with SIBO expertise, enjoying the benefits of professional growth without the typical challenges of wasted time, money, and frustration.
Confidently diagnose and treat SIBO with an understanding of the complexity of the condition
Gain the confidence to implement treatment plans unique to what the patient is presenting rather than getting stuck if the basic cookbook plan doesn’t work.
The Offer
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  • 5 Module Course + a Bonus Module
  • EMR Templates and Supporting Resources to use in your practice right away
non-member pricing

  • 5 Module Course + a Bonus Module
  • EMR Templates and Supporting Resources to use in your practice right away
 Is This Course Approved for CE?
SIBO Demystified is approved for 4.25 Category A, 0.5 Pharmacology  in Ontario (CONO) and 0.5 Category F, and 4.25 Category C with BC (CNPBC).  A CE package is provided for practitioners to apply to their own jurisdictions. 
 What if I Don't Focus on GI Health? 
Consider this: you do. Whether we're addressing hormone imbalances, weight loss difficulties, or autoimmune issues in our patients, it's essential to recognize that gastrointestinal conditions often coexist. Numerous individuals are struggling, and you have the opportunity to serve as the link guiding them toward the next phase of their well-being.
 How Does This Differ From Other CE Courses?
We deliver resources, knowledge, and education that you can actually implement into your practice right away! Our Confident Clinicians rate this as the most practical, hands on, useable continuing education they have ever had! 
 What is the refund policy?
We do not offer refunds to our digital courses.
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