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Are you treating your active patients like athletes?
Everything you need to know to support pregnant patients in practice
You should be.
Are you treating
your active 
patients like 
Are you treating your active patients like athletes?
You should be.
You should be.
Anyone who exercises with intention is considered an athlete. 

You may have a patient who:
  • Has an irregular menstrual cycle who does HIIT 5 days a week
  • ​Has Crohn's Disease and is training for a marathon
  • ​Is a master-level swimmer and is trying to conceive
Are you able to:
  • confidently support chronic health issues or health-optimization goals in your athlete patients?
  • Prescribe and support them with evidence-based nutrition guidelines?
  • ​Navigate differential diagnoses?
As a clinician, you need to understand how training load can play into chronic conditions and go BEYOND the advice to limit or stop exercising altogether.

Telling an athlete to stop exercising is probably not going to fix things.

You can help keep your patients active and achieve and support their health goals. 
You just need the right information.
We encourage patients to exercise every day. We’re also taught that over-exercising can cause health issues. So what do we do with athletes? How do we support our active patients with their goals and help them with their chronic health conditions?

The solution goes beyond telling people to stop exercising. With adequate nutrition and informed supplementation we can help our athletic patients manage their health and continue to perform to achieve big goals.

With the right information you can have a huge impact on the health AND performance of your athletic patients

There is a better way to help your patients achieve their 
health goals and keep them active. 

I know you can do it, because it’s what I do every day. 


Dr. Briana Botsford, ND

When I was 24, I competed in my first Ironman Triathlon. Despite having an amazing coach and having a 
Phys Ed degree, I had no idea what I was doing. I suffered from terrible PMS, painful periods, massive weight fluctuations and was always trying a new diet, while training 12-16 hours a week. What. A. Mess. Stress fractures and chronic injuries led to massive physiotherapy bills but I finished the race! 

That’s a win, right? 
There wasn’t a professional who could support all of my needs as an athlete with health issues.
I went back to school to become an Naturopathic Doctor and completed a focus shift in sports medicine. While my knowledge definitely levelled up, figuring out the art of applying what I knew to each individual was super challenging. I didn’t fully understand the power of clear nutrition guidelines or strategic supplementation and how to apply what I knew to an active patient with a complex medical history. 

I’m not a unicorn, I’ve just spent the last several years looking at the evidence, developing strategies and coaching my patients through behaviour changes to help them maintain their well-being while achieving their athletic goals. 

Now this is what athletes all over Alberta seek from me. 

You can do this too. 

Imagine if you knew EXACTLY what to recommend to any athlete that sat down across from you.

Support Their Unique Nutritional Needs
Athletes have higher macronutrient requirements than the average person. How do you know if your patient is active enough to need additional calories? 

Endurance athletes, like
ultramarathoners, have different nutritional needs from elite-level divers. How do you know what guidelines to apply?
Navigate All of The Sports Supplements
Sports supplements are overwhelming and most athletes don’t know what they’re doing with them. There can be significant performance and health benefits from tailored sports supplementation. 

You’ll get resources to help you save time and choose the right supplement for the right type of athlete at the right time.
Athletes have health problems too.
What do you do with an athlete who has IBS? Eliminating foods may be dangerous if we’re eliminating too much or a type of macronutrient. 

How do you help a high-level athlete recover from burnout? 

Do you know if your acne treatments follow anti-doping guidelines?

When you understand the fundamental NEEDS of an athlete, you can merge your primary care knowledge with your sports medicine expertise with confidence and ease.

Nutrition Planning Templates
Help your athletes plan for long-course events like an ironman distance triathlon. 

Understand the difference between baseline nutrition and competition nutrition for a variety of sports. 
Sports Supplements Simplified
Use the most specific sports supplements at the correct doses to see improved outcomes in your patients.

Understand what performance changes they can expect and what might just be fairy-dust.
Female athlete problems
Help your female athletes understand how their training can impact their menstrual cycle

Understand lifespan considerations for athletes and help keep women engaged in sport!


Sports Medicine Update
What integrative practitioners need to know 
about supporting athletic patients across the lifespan
This two day course is the ultimate resource for practitioners who work with athletes or active patients.

It will cover the needs of weekend warriors to elite athletes and everything in between. 

We’re going to dive deep into Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), learn how to identify patients at-risk for RED-S, how to prevent athletes from developing this syndrome and how to correct energy deficiencies for optimal health.


Module One :
Athlete Health
Helping you understand specific considerations relevant for female athletes across their lifespan.
We'll Cover:
  • ​RED-S, energy availability and menstrual cycle training considerations
  • ​Managing female athlete health for patients using oral contraception or IUDs
  • ​Considerations for puberty to perimenopause and everything in between
  • ​Female athlete lab testing
  • ​Differentiating between RED-S and other causes of amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea like PCOS
Module TWO :
Baseline Nutrition
Athletes have higher daily macronutrient requirements than the average person. Helping an athlete understand their daily nutrient requirements through real food and/or supplementation will improve their healthcare outcomes 
We'll Cover:
  • The difference between baseline nutrition and competition nutrition for a variety of sports
  • ​​How to estimate your patient’s nutrient needs based on activity type, training duration and more
  • ​Specific ideas (what foods they can eat!) to help meet their baseline nutrition needs
  • ​Lifespan considerations for athlete nutrition and what changes as we age
Module THREE :
Intra-sport Nutrition
We’ll review guidelines for endurance athletes, power sports and more.
We'll Cover:
  • ​What types of sports require intra-sport nutrition
  • ​What type of hydration and/or carbohydrate replacement is needed for a variety of sports
  • ​Special considerations for GI symptoms in a variety of sports
  • ​Endurance-sport nutrition planning
Module FOUR :
Nutrition Timing
Understanding the timing of nutrition relative to sport efforts or training bouts can help your athletes feel energised for their workouts and help them recover efficiently
We'll Cover:
  • ​What kind of pre-workout fuel is necessary
  •  The evidence for various recovery nutrition techniques
  • The type of macronutrients to prioritise based on training time and type
Module FIVE :
Sports Supplementation
We’re going to cover a simple, evidence-informed method that can help you have a conversation about sports supplements with any athlete that enters your office
We'll Cover:
  • ​What sports supplements are effective for a given purpose and which ones are fairy-dust
  • How to consider chronic health considerations when choosing sports supplements
  • How to avoid unintentional doping in a drug-tested athlete



Start treating your active patients like athletes!


Sports Supplement Guide
Based on current available evidence, you’ll receive a PDF of the best practices regarding a variety of sports supplements.
Sports Supplement Guide
Based on current available evidence, you’ll receive a PDF of the best practices regarding a variety of sports supplements.
Nutrition Planning Templates
You’ll receive templates you can share with your patients to help them plan their baseline nutrition, intra-workout / event nutrition and more.
Nutrition Planning Templates
You’ll receive templates you can share with your patients to help them plan their baseline nutrition, intra-workout / event nutrition and more.

When you start understanding and TREATING your active patients like athletes, they will experience major shifts in their well-being.



  • 12 Hours of Course Material & Learning
  • EMR Templates and Resources
  • BONUS #1: Sports Supplement Guide
  • BONUS #2: Nutrition Planning Templates


  • 12 Hours of Course Material & Learning
  • EMR Template and Resources
  • BONUS #1: Sports Supplement Guide
  • BONUS #2: Nutrition Planning Templates


Briana is a practitioner that lives by her own teachings. She dedicates so much of her time improving her own well-being and advancing research for women's health in sport. She is such an incredible asset for supporting all athletes and strives to share her knowledge with other practitioners to do the same. I have gained so much insight through working alongside her and can see the gaps in sports medicine especially with our female athletes. Briana gives us the tools to empower our patients to reach their full potential in sport.
- Dr. Jules Passy, ND
I saw Dr. Bri present in 2022 on the topic of supporting female athletes. 

I walked away from her presentation feeling significantly more confident in supporting my athlete population and now had practical information that I could implement in practice right away. It has been super rewarding having patients come in telling me they ran their best marathon yet! Keeping women moving is an essential part of preventative medicine and it is crucial that we know how to support them in that endeavour. I can’t wait to learn more! 
- Dr. Jayelle Haavaldsen, ND

Even if you think you don’t work with athletes - YOU DO.

This is an opportunity to get more confident in your primary care approach when you integrate your sports-specific knowledge. 


My primary focus is not sports medicine, how will this apply to my general practice?
Even if you’ve thought to yourself, “I don’t do sports med” - I can guarantee that you’ve worked with athletes.  Start treating your active patients like the athletes that they are and integrate your primary care knowledge with additional sport-specific information. This is an opportunity for ACTIONABLE information you’ll be able to use Monday morning in your practice.

Will the whole course be about female athletes?
While we will cover female-specific considerations for each topic, this course applies to both male and female athletes.
Will I receive nutrition guidelines to pass on to my patients?
Yes! You’ll complete this course armed with information you can use on Monday morning in practice. The templates you will gain access to will help you make simple recommendations
Are you going to talk about creatine?
Short Answer: HECK YES! This is the number one sports supplement I receive questions about. 
How will you address special populations like active teens or peri/ postmenopausal women?
While we can tailor our guidelines based on activity time, type and patient’s sex, we often need to take lifespan considerations into account. We’re going to help you understand WHEN you need to tailor your guidelines for a specific population.
Will we cover disordered eating or eating disorders?
We will cover how to evaluate risk for eating disorders and disordered eating in athletes. We’ll also dig into how to apply our nutrition guidelines with a sensitivity for those with a history of ED/DE.
Will I receive CE credits for this course?
This course has been approved for 11 Category A and 1 Pharmacology Credit with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO) and 1 Category F credit with the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC). As with all of our courses, if you do not practice in these jurisdictions, we will provide a CE application package to apply on your own. 
Is this course only for Naturopathic Practitioners?
NO! This course is for physiotherapists, chiropractors, dieticians and any health care provider with a special interest or scope of practice that involves working with athletes. If all the information above are things you can use in your practice, then this course is for you.